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What is Auto Refinishing?

What is Auto Refinishing?

Auto refinishing usually refers to the painting of the vehicle party or totally. Auto refinishing service is offered in collision repair shops and is done either by hand or by using spray guns. Most people tend to paint the simple scratches by themselves, but when it comes to dents caused by accidents or any major painting process, it is best to leave it to the experts.

Process Involved in Auto Refinishing

When you take your car for repair following an accident, you should make sure to take it to a certified auto repair shop where the experts deal with your vehicle. Auto refinishing is done in a systematic way to get the best results.

  1. Surface Cleaning

The surface of the vehicle where the repair has to be done should be cleared off from the older coatings to bring it to the form of bare metal. This is an important step in the collision repair and refinishing process since overlooking the process can lead to aggravation in the surface when the new paint is sprayed on.

  • Surface Repairing

The next step is to completely remove all the dents and treat the small indentations with quality body fillers. Then polyester putty is used to reshape the panel which must be deformed during the dent removal. This should be done carefully until the surface of the vehicle becomes smooth.

  • Apply Primer

After the vehicle body is repaired and reshaped, it should be coated with a good quality primer. This process is important to ensure that the uneven surfaces are filled and that the vehicle surface is good enough for painting.

  • Application of Base Coat

Now the vehicle body should be washed thoroughly to clear them off from the sanding dust or any other contaminants. After the area is dry and made sure that it is cleared from dust, the base coat is applied. There are a several types of base coats like the solid base coats, metallic base coats, and matte base coats. You can consult an expert at the collision repair shop and select the one that will be best for you.

  • Application of the Top Coat

The base coat is left to dry, and soft wet sanding is done to remove the little dust particles. After this, the topcoat is applied on the surface over the base coat. The topcoat is usually applied in a dust-free zone or a well-ventilated paint booth. After the top coat dries, rubbing and polishing are done for the final look.

A Superior Collision Shop

We at A Superior Collision Shop offer the best auto collision repair and refinishing services with the help of I-CAR- and ASE-certified technicians who have a proven record of superior workmanship and excellence.

Published by A Superior Collision Shop

We work with all insurance companies using state-of-the-art technology and superior customer service and offer a LIFE-TIME WARRANTY on all car repairs.

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